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Local Tree Removal Service in Skokie, IL

As part of a home, office or industrial property, trees serve the landscape in both beautifying and functional ways. Those doing effective tree removal in Skokie understand this. On the one hand, they lend color, texture and vibrancy to the scenery. They also provide cover and food to many kinds of wildlife. Yet trees also regulate light and heat from the sun, giving shade to structures and to people occupying the property. Like all of us, however, trees can get sick, get old and eventually expire. Again, like humanity, trees thrive when they receive adequate care and when problems are addressed early. When beyond help, they may require removal. This process is not as simple as it may sound. A diseased tree beyond healing maight nevertheless possess an old and established root system while other--though towering like mighty spires--could be ready to topple due to a very immature subterranean network. In fact, the many species and breeds each come with their own specific traits that affect the manner in which they should be evacuated from a premises. The shape and character of the property itself is also a consideration for reasons of both safety and efficiency. Tree removal in Skokie tree trimming services should be knowledgeable of these considerations.











Tree Trimming and Ongoing Care

We may prefer to believe that trees can take care of themselves but, in reality, they need regular tending and nurture if they are to live out the full span of their years in robust health. In addition, they often occupy finite space with buildings and people so keeping them well-manicured prevents not only a shabby appearance, but will also optimize safety for the occupants. For one thing, trimming and pruning eliminate dead and dying limbs which would otherwise spread their decay to healthy parts of the tree. Timely clipping and paring also ward off the possibility of dead limbs falling on cars, houses or passers-by. A further health benefit is that trimming lessens the possibility of the trunk generating weak branches and crotches, i.e pockets at the intersection of tree and branch. Moreover, pruning and selective branch removal helps to aerate the tree and its immediate environment, allowing air to better circulate and sun to provide solar nutrition to otherwise blocked locations. From an aesthetic standpoint, regular paring helps to maintain the shape of the tree that fits best with the overall surroundings.

Emergency Tree Removal

Even with the best of care and intentions, not every tree is destined to make it. Hurricanes and other storms can do such violence to a tree that it becomes a physical hazard in its damaged condition. Sometimes utility lines are threatened; in other circumstances, the roof of a house stands in peril of a falling tree. Experienced tree removal specialists treat these episodes with urgency, yet never panic. Crews must evaluate the danger from every angle before commencing a careful take-down of an unstable tree. Security of technicians, occupants and neighbors comes before all else. The process of eliminating a hazardous tree varies with each occurrence but certain constants remain. First and foremost, a reliable tree service must be available on a 24/7/365 basis for this important job. Occupants must absent themselves from the home or office and adjacent utilities need to be shut off before work is initiated. Ordinarily, the crew will evaluate the problem in order to procure the right equipment for the task. Sometimes, a crane is needed to extract the damaged tree without harming anything near to it. Appropriate final steps should include inspections of remaining trees in case of ravages not immediately visible.

Stump Grinding

In most cases, a tree is removed in sections from the branches inward, and from top to bottom. What remains, of course, is the stump. True, the problem of a dying or injured tree is gone by the time we reach the stump.Still, with the stump remaining, there is little to do with the space...other than sit on it. By getting rid of the stump, the area can be used for another tree or another purpose altogether.In order to do so safely and effectively, the stump must be thoroughly ground. Tree removal in Skokie tree trimming also includes stump grinding. Using highly specialized heavy machinery--upon which our tree technicians are well-trained--we can cut through the stump above and below the ground. The machine employs a cutting wheel with powerfully-engineered steel teeth that run at a very high speed. Even the most stubborn stump gives way to its master, which proceeds to pulverize the base of the tree. Alternatives to grinding are 1)let the stump decompose in its own good time--a long, drawn-out event, or 2) extract the stump by digging, leaving a large and unsightly crater. Grinding, by contrast, leaves no home for termites, ants, snakes and other pests.












Stabilizing Problem Trees

Sometimes it is genetics, sometimes location and other times it comes from negligence: certain trees grow in a way that renders them structurally unsound, if otherwise healthy. This may take the form of codominant stems where branch size and space ratios can affect a tree's growth. Overextension produces, large, heavy and unsound limbs. Such disorders can require a tree to be stabilized through cabling or bracing. Cabling involves inserting bolts into the upper crown of a tree, and attaching very strong steel cables. This supports weak branches when winds pick up. Braces, on the other hand, are rods that are embedded at the junction of fragile branches and multiple stems. The rods keep the stems stationary and held together. In many instances, cables and braces are employed together. In so doing, an experienced tree service discerns that a tree can be saved, and even healed of deficiencies, as opposed to complete removal. This is the strength of a competent tree service, i,e, removal must be the last and best option. The first priority is to keep the trees alive and well.

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What's Our Clients Say

  • Nicole R


We had several tree stumps throughout our front and back yard that were never taken care of.  They made me super nervous because our kids would trip over them constantly. Your team came out and was able to get rid of them all in just one day. Thank you for your help!

  • Tom D


We had some large oak trees that were extremely tall with thick, heavy branches.  They were overgrowing into the street and almost reaching the other side.  It was very dangerous and we needed them cut. Your arborists knew exactly what they were doing, they were very safe and did a very fine job.

  • Peter S

    Mt Prospect

We just recently purchased a house with a tree that had years of neglect. After a large storm, a tree branch fell on our neighbors fence and we needed someone to cut up the branch , chop it up and haul everything away. I would highly recommend your service as you were able to act quick, you were punctual and offered very fair pricing.

  • Cameron T

    Des Plaines

It was the middle of summer time and our trees had very little foliage on them. We called you out to help us diagnose the problem and you found a large bacterial growth that was killing our tree. You put a plan together and made sure the tree was maintained as needed.  Our tree is healthy again, thank you!

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