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We can do it all - tree trimming, limb removal, stump grinding, cable & bracing, and disease control

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In northern Illinois nature can be extremely unpredictable and weather patterns can change within a couple of hours.  Although the probability of a tornado touching down in Skokie is highly unlikely, the reality is that it doesn’t take very high winds to tear down large branches from a tree.  Worse yet, winds in the Chicago area can get high enough to uproot many large trees.  Couple that with rain and lightning and trees can cause some very severe damage to your home, auto and loved ones.  

Since this can put you and your family in a tight predicament, our team offers emergency tree service.  We can handle everything from a complete tree removal to cutting down very large branches, storm clean up, land clearing, removing trees from power lines, etc.  If it involves trees, we can help you!

It’s not necessary to wait until after a storm to call us for emergency service.  If you are staying aware of what is happening on your property then you’d likely notice any overgrowth of trees, dead/dying trees, and diseased trees from bacteria and fungus.  If you think that your tree can cause harm to someone or damage to something, then it’s best if it gets addressed right away.  Not only is it the right thing to do, but you can avoid a world of legal issues by being proactive about something that you think will eventually happen if it goes unaddressed.  

If you think that your tree might be dead, or dying, but you aren’t quite sure what you could be looking at, here are a few characteristics that dead trees exhibit.  If you see a combination of any of these then you should call your local tree care specialist to consider removing the tree or at least cutting down the large branches that could cause the most damage.

  • Look for discolored leaves - sure leaves can change color in the fall, that’s perfectly normal.  However, if the leaves on your trees are changing to a dull yellow/orange color in the middle of summer time, this is not normal tree behavior.  What could this imply?  Well it could mean that the nutrients from the soil aren’t strong enough to get to the tree leaves.  When this happens, the tree will try to distribute most of the nutrients where it’s needed instead of to the leaves where it’s not as necessary.
  • Lack of leaves - when your tree isn’t getting enough nourishment throughout, the first part of the tree to die off is the leaves.  Since there are more “vital” parts to the tree, they receive the nutrients first.  The last part of the tree to get nourished is the leaf.  Bullet 1 & 2 are the quickest to see this sort of change.  
  • Fungus - an abundance of this is a good indication of decay.  You will normally see this growing at the base of your tree and it will grow more rapidly if you live in a more humid environment.  
  • Pests - bugs, mites, animals, rodents and birds are a sign that there could be an infestation occurring.  As trees are dying, bugs tend to burrow in the trunks in an attempt to find a new home.  Eventually birds and other animals catch on and create a home there as well.

Collectively, these signs are good indicators that your tree could be diseased or dead.  When a tree reaches this state, it loses its structure and can be very dangerous to others and surrounding property.  

Give our team a call and we’d be happy to provide a quote for tree removal, branch and limb removal or any other emergency service you may need.

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